Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kindergarden here I come!!!

Well, my baby boy is growing up and last week he graduated from Peace Lutheran Preschool. This is a day I have been dreading for months now. Where does the time go? One minute you are comforting a coliky baby, potty training, and thinking about where you might want to put yur child into preschool – and literally the next minute, he is registered for kindergarden and graduating from preschool!!! I cried for many weeks in anticipation of the event and actually held it together rather well during the actual event! Trevor is sooo ready for school – he is a bright and down right hysterical kid who amazes me every day. I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful kids who I couldn’t imagine my life without. As a very wise person once said, “In this life pain and suffering will come, whining about it is optional.”  Never take single moment for granted, each day is truly a gift from above!

Trevor's Graduation 001 Trevor's Graduation 002 Trevor's Graduation 003 Trevor's Graduation 004 Trevor's Graduation 005 Trevor's Graduation 006 Trevor's Graduation 007 Trevor's Graduation 008 Trevor's Graduation 009 Trevor's Graduation 010 Trevor's Graduation 011 Trevor's Graduation 021

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Rissy Roo said...

Awww! So grown up and handsome in his shirt and tie!